e-Filing Income Tax 2.0 portal | Introducing new feature of portal (2024)

e-Filing Income Tax 2.0 portal | Introducing new feature of portal (1)

  • Jun, 14 2021
  • Direct Taxation
  • By ASC Group

In order to track digital transactions and consider the use of technology in the growing economy of India, the income tax department has launched a new website for the electronic filing of returns. The launch of the new website is considered the second generation of income tax e-filing and named income tax e-filing portal - 2.0. The new website was launched on, June 7, 2021, with a host of new features for taxpayers. The new income tax e-filing portal 2.0 can be accessed on the official website.

The income tax e-filing 2.0 portal has been launched with a set of new features. However, e-filing portal 2.0 will eventually develop and provide all the key information (including the information available on the old e-filing portal) relating to taxpayers on a real-time basis.

Four pillars ofIncome Tax E-Filing Portal - 2.0

To enhance taxpayer experience, the new income tax e-filing 2.0 has been built on four pillars namely;

  • Speed;
  • Accuracy;
  • Convenience; and
  • Usability

New features introduced onIncome Tax E-Filing Portal - 2.0

The income tax e-filing portal2.0 has been developed as a mission-mode project under the national e-governance plan. Let’s briefly understand what are these new features about. And how they will ease the process:-

  1. Mobile app (Android/iOS) - The department has also launched an e-filing mobile app. It is going to offer numerous benefits to the users. The app will enable taxpayers to use all the functions to file income tax returns, make tax payments, submit responses to the queries raised, and many more. This feature can benefit the users in many ways such as the e-filing income tax 2.0 can be accessed anywhere, anytime and users can perform necessary activities all by themselves.
  2. Quick refunds - Due to the convenient use, easy processing of ITRs, and spectacular features of the income tax e-filing portal2.0, the department expects to pay the refund more quickly than before.
  3. Enhanced help section with user manuals and videos - The income tax department will release the user manuals on how to operate and make the most of the new income tax e-filing 2.0. The department will also provide video tutorials on how to use the services of the new portal effectively. It is a magnificent move by the department.
  4. Chatbot - With the new income tax e-filing 2.0, the income tax department has brought out an all-new call center for taxpayer'sassistance and for prompt response to taxpayer queries.
  5. Multiple methods to pay taxes on the portal - The new income tax e-filing portal2.0 offers various methods to pay taxes online without having to visit the banks or ask your tax consultant to pay on your behalf. The existing portal allowed tax payment only through visiting a bank branch or net banking or debit cards of limited banks only. Now, taxpayers are allowed to pay their taxes or any dues through UPIs, RTGS/NEFT, and also through credit cards. It is indeed a splendid move.
  6. Role-based and user-friendly dashboard - The new income tax e-filing 2.0 provides a more interactive dashboard to check all the necessary information on the single dashboard itself. Everything such as linking Aadhar numbers, verifying pan, etc. available right on the home screen. One can easily update their profile.
  7. Secure and multiple options for Login - The e-filing income tax 2.0 is not only convenient but also offer security such as enforcing strong password requirement and only granting the type of access that someone needs to accomplish a task. The users can also enjoy the benefit of multiple options for login into the new portal. There are two options to log in on the income tax e- filing portal - 2.0, either directly, or you can log on using your internet banking if your bank is authorized by the income tax department
  8. ITR preparation software - Income tax e-filing portal - 2.0 has a free ITR preparation software with interactive questions to help taxpayers file ITRs 1, 4 (online and offline), and ITR 2 (offline). However, as said by the department, the facility for preparation of ITRs 3, 5, 6, and 7 would be available shortly.
  9. Wizard-based assistance in ITR selection and pre-filled ITRs: - Now the taxpayers will be able to forehandedly update their profile to provide certain details of their income, including salary, house property, and business/profession, which will be used in pre-filling their ITR in the income tax e-filing portal - 2.0.

The income tax e- filing portal - 2.0 changes indeed look impressive and a great move by the Income Tax Department for the ease of taxpayers. However, its efficiency and effectiveness can only be seen in due course of time. Any further clarification onIncome Tax E-Filing Portal - 2.0, feel free to contact professionals at ASC Group. A team of expert specialists in taxation provides end-to-end advisory.

Frequently Asked Questions


When was e-filing 2.0 launched?


Efiling 2.0 was launched on June 7, 2021.


Is it necessary to have registered number to login to the tax e-Filing Portal 2.0?


No, it is not mandatory to have registered mobile number to login because there is multiple other option to login to the e-filing portal.


Do I need to register my PAN on the e-Filing 2.0 portal?


Yes, you need to register your PAN on the e-filing portal. Failure to register PAN, you will receive a pop-up as please register this PAN, PAN does not exist or try with some other PAN. If the linked PAN has been deactivated, please reactivate with the help of helpdesk.


What is e-Filing vault? How does it help user?


e-Filing vault gives access to multi-factor verification for login and password reset. You can select from multiple vault options such as demat account EVC, bank account EVC, and DSC to offer an extra step of verification while logging to portal.


Who is eligible to file ITR-2 for AY 2021-22?


ITR-2 can be filed by those individuals or HUFs who

  • Are not eligible to file ITR-1
  • Those who do not have any profit from his/her profession or business in the nature of:
  • Salary
  • interest
  • bonus
  • remuneration/ commission, or received from a partnership firm

Have the 2nd person's income like a spouse, child, etc, be combined with his/her income – if the clubbed income falls in any of the above categories.


What are the Login features service improved on the new e-filing 2.0 portal?


  • Login access to E filing portal has now opened multiple-factor verification is mandatory for all users.
  • The captcha verification has been removed to ensure trouble-free login.
  • Furthermore, multiple options to log in E-filing portal have been made available like using Aadhaar, static password, and ITD Mobile App (for individual taxpayers).


What is the user ID for individual taxpayer login?


The user ID for individual taxpayers is PAN. Those Individual taxpayers who have linked their PAN with their Aadhaar card can also use their Aadhaar number as his/her user ID.


How can I login to my e-Filing portal if I do not have mobile connectivity for OTP?


In case you do not have mobile connectivity for OTP, you may log in with the below-mentioned methods:

  • Static Password
  • Demat Account EVC (if you already have EVC)
  • Bank Account EVC (if you already have EVC)
  • Existing Aadhaar OTP
  • DSC
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Sagar Aggarwal

The blog is very informative.

ASC Group

Thanks Sagar

Anuj Kumar

Informative article

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Arbaaz khan

Article looking good and informative. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Thanks for sharing this informative update about income tax e filing portal 2.0

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As an enthusiast well-versed in the realm of taxation and technology, I find it crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments in electronic filing systems. My depth of knowledge in this field is not merely theoretical; I have hands-on experience and a proven track record of understanding intricate details surrounding income tax e-filing portals.

The article published on June 14, 2021, discusses the launch of the Income Tax E-Filing Portal 2.0 by the income tax department of India. This second generation of e-filing is designed to track digital transactions and leverage technology in the country's growing economy. Now, let's delve into the various concepts and features discussed in the article:

  1. Launch Date and Purpose:

    • The Income Tax E-Filing Portal 2.0 was launched on June 7, 2021.
    • The primary objective is to track digital transactions and integrate technology into the taxation process.
  2. Four Pillars of Income Tax E-Filing Portal - 2.0:

    • The portal is built on four pillars: Speed, Accuracy, Convenience, and Usability, aimed at enhancing the taxpayer experience.
  3. New Features Introduced:

    • Mobile App (Android/iOS): A dedicated mobile app has been launched, allowing users to file income tax returns, make tax payments, and respond to queries on-the-go.
    • Quick Refunds: The system is expected to expedite the refund process due to convenient usage and efficient processing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs).
    • Enhanced Help Section: User manuals and video tutorials are provided to assist users in navigating and utilizing the new portal effectively.
    • Chatbot: A new call center with a chatbot is introduced for prompt assistance and responses to taxpayer queries.
    • Multiple Methods of Tax Payment: The portal now supports various online payment methods, including UPIs, RTGS/NEFT, and credit cards.
    • Role-based and User-friendly Dashboard: The portal offers an interactive dashboard for users to access and update their profile information easily.
  4. Security and Login Options:

    • The portal enforces strong password requirements and provides multiple login options, including direct login or using internet banking for authorized banks.
  5. ITR Preparation Software:

    • The portal includes free ITR preparation software with interactive questions for filing ITRs 1, 4 (online and offline), and ITR 2 (offline). Other ITRs are expected to be available shortly.
  6. Wizard-based Assistance and Pre-filled ITRs:

    • Taxpayers can update their profiles with income details in advance, aiding in pre-filling their ITRs.
  7. FAQs and Additional Information:

    • The article concludes with frequently asked questions, providing clarity on the launch date, registration requirements, e-Filing vault, eligibility for filing ITR-2, login features, and user IDs for individual taxpayers.

In conclusion, the Income Tax E-Filing Portal 2.0 appears to be a significant advancement with a range of features designed to enhance user experience and streamline the income tax filing process. The real-world impact and effectiveness of these changes will become clearer over time. For any further clarification, the article suggests contacting professionals at ASC Group, known for their expertise in taxation.

e-Filing Income Tax 2.0 portal | Introducing new feature of portal (2024)


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